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According to the March of Dimes ™, 1 in 125 children are born with a limb deficiency and 1 in every 10 individuals receives the diagnosis of a rare disease. The Paley Foundation is committed to developing and teaching new techniques to save and reconstruct the limbs of children and adults and eliminating the need for amputation, whenever possible, among those who suffer from rare limb deficiencies and other complex orthopedic conditions. Your support will enable more children and adults throughout the nation and the world to gain access to these treatments.
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The Paley Foundation is committed to the education and training of orthopedic surgeons both domestically and internationally so that more patients will have access to the most technically advanced, limb-saving techniques available in the world today. No parent should be told that amputation is the only tenable option when safe, reliable and reproducible limb-saving methods are available. Click the Learn More button below to read more about our Educational Offerings.